HAPPY CAT SITTING® services South Brisbane, West End, Highgate Hill, Kangaroo
Point, and Woolloongabba. Our In-Home visits are fully customised to your cat's needs.


What kind of services do we offer?


- In-home (in your home) visits either once
  or twice a day

- Mail collection and plant care

- Care for single and multiple cat homes

What are our rates?

- $25 for one visit per day
- $50 for two visits per day

Chistmas Day and Boxing Day:
50% Surcharge



What care does your cat receive?

- Feeding based on your specific requirements   (your cat keeps their normal routine)

- Fresh water provided

- Litter box is cleaned

- Lots of play, pampering and plenty of   cuddles (based on their preferences!)




Call for a free consultation to determine
rates based on your individual needs.

Call 0411 550 690 Or email

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